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To provide training, education, and an environment to succeed. To encourage a life of excellence with no regrets. To impact with the truth that God created us for greatness.

Best Personal Trainer in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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What Is a Personal Trainer and What is Personal Training?

A Personal Trainer is a Fitness Professional that has education and experience in helping others achieve their Personal fitness goals. Usually these trainers have past experience as athletes, coaches or simply has the passion for helping others live their dreams. The best personal trainers are the ones that have a combination of all of these traits.
Personal Training is where a client and professional relationship comes together as one...to give life to the name "Personal Training". We believe in the term "Personal" because that indicates that training can vary from person to person depending on their individual goals.
An example of a Personal training client can be a house wife wanting to lose some pounds, a business owner too busy to to take care of their personal health that needs assistance, or an athlete that needs specific help with improvements in certain areas. When someone that needs help in one of these or many other areas comes to our private training studio, we listen to them completely to insure we understand their unique needs. We then connect them with an educated and experienced professional that is the best Personal Trainer in that area of expertise to go through the different phases of that particular training program.
At Total Body Works Personal Training in our Colorado Springs location we specialize in "Functional Training" and we "Build The Engine First" meaning...we start by making the body functional before the next phase of training. Through this unique style of training we get great results and NO INJURIES.


At Total Body Works Personal Training we train out of a private facility in beautiful Colorado Springs Colorado. It is here that we look at the complete picture of what you want to accomplish, then we look at the training modality. That can be personal 1 on 1 training in the private gym, couples or partners training or you may prefer the group setting. We offer group training (3-6 people)or also Boot Camp style. You also may qualify for one of our sports specific training programs, call today for openings.


We now occupy 5604-5608 N. Union in the East Library plaza and offer many different modalities of training and treatments. With all new equipment and a state of the art training facility this is the place for health, healing and performance.

What Is Functional Training?

Functional Training is a term you see tossed around a bit these days in the fitness and training world. The phrase functional training is simply just what it sounds like. How well does your body function during everyday or specific movements, such as bending down to pick up your 3yr old nephew and carry him up 2 flights of stairs. Or the second type of functional movement "specific" such as a clean and press for an athlete such as a basketball player. Is a barbell bench press a "Functional" Movement for a mother of three? Possibly...If she has taken up Power Lifting or something of that nature. The point is...Functional Training for You...can be determined when you have a clear picture of what the goal is. That is what we do at Total Body Works Personal Training...First we do a functional performance movement screening (meaning, we see how well your body works) to determine where we need to start. That is the foundation of all our programs.