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  • How long will it take to get in shape?

That depends deeply on the goal and your commitment.

  • Do I have to workout every day?

No-most of our clients work with us on their program 2 times per week, see our Testimonial Section on the home page. This client made these results in a 2 time per week program in less than 6 months !!!

  • What makes Total Body Works different than any other personal training?

We feel we are different (in a good way) because we LISTEN, and we put the personal back in the PERSONAL TRAINING !!!

  • What if I am too old to make changes?

No such thing as TOO OLD, we have worked with clients as young as 89 years of age, removing the walker and adding independence of walking the stairs on there own.

  • My doctor says I need to exercise to lose weight, but I have tried everything- how can you help?

We have been helping people for 16+ years lose weight the healthy and safe way through sound nutritional guidance and efficient scientific techniques.

  • It hurts to exercise- what can you do for me?

Before we ever take on any new clients we perform a movement screening to bring out any of those imbalances and pain triggers so we can design a special program around your specific goals.

  • Do you have programs to help improve performance for specific athletic fields?

Yes, we work with most Speed, Power, and endurance athletes, In fact-most of us are athletes ourselves and have worked with Olympic coaches and programs.

  • My child is involved in sports at a competitive level- what age is too young for weight-lifting?

Our programs are designed specifically for the individual athlete. Most of the Junior athletes programs are designed around Performance, Stability, Functionality, and efficiency. So if the younger athlete needs resistance for their sport we provide it in a safe and effective environment and analyze it on a case by case situation.

  • Will lifting weights make me gain weight or get bulky?

No-we design the program as not to do such, unless that is your goal !!!

  • I am self-conscious- will the training session be private?

Yes, Our studio is a very private PERSONAL TRAINING facility, we do not sell general memberships. Each client is with their own trainer.

  • Do you have female trainers?

Yes we do have female trainers and we are always adding to our team of professionals.

  • I don’t like to diet- can I still get results if I don’t diet?

We design a specific and personal nutrition program around your goals and that is part of our great success, But don’t worry…Most of our clients are eating more than they ever have, and getting great results !!!

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