Personal Training for Couples in Colorado Springs and Monument

Reach New Heights With Your Significant Other!

Our team at Total Body Works Personal Training believe that pursuing fitness with your partner increases your chances of success. Our Colorado Springs personal trainers stand behind the notion that there is no one better to motivate you and hold you accountable than your spouse. We will guide you and your spouse through a workout that is specifically designed for both of you. We are committed to helping you lose weight and build muscle with your significant other. By training with us twice per week (recommended), we can help you look and feel your best!

Trust our Colorado Springs personal trainers because we can offer:

  • Highly effective personalized programs
  • Training intensity geared toward your specific needs
  • Enjoyable bonding experience for you and your spouse
  • The opportunity to pursue health and fitness as a couple

Challenge yourself with our couples training programs by calling (719) 339-0690 today!