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John is an incredible trainer

If you are looking for a trainer that will give you personalized attention to your wants, needs, and goals- John is who you are looking for. He does not do the same routine with all of his people like I have seen other trainers do. I have been with him for about a year consistently and I have not done the same workout twice. I have also gone from 24% body fat to 18%. I feel great and full of energy. John not only motivates you in the studio, but he gives personal nutritional advice to maximize your results. I recommend him to anyone at any level- he is the best in Colorado Springs

Jen Jen December 4, 2009

Fantastic trainer … be ready to work hard

Jen and I have been with John for a couple of years, and really enjoy working with him. He understands our individual requirements and quirks (and aches and pains) and is great at individualizing each workout. His studio has great equipment, and John knows how to make use of it. He insists on hard work, but that’s the only way to get results. He’s motivational and always has a positive attitude, which helps me especially after a tough day at work. He’s by far the best of the trainers (4 total) I’ve worked with.‎ Dave

Dave Dave CO December 23, 2009

Amazing Results, Thank You John!

When I went to John I was a 273lb big guy and in two months I had dropped 20lbs of fat and was feeling great! I’ve had trainers before but John’s approach was nothing like the other trainers and it totally makes sense once he explains it to you. You should feel comfortable making your decision to go with John

Matt Matt December 23, 2009

I recommend John to everyone!

I recommend John to everyone! He helped me positively change my life in so many ways. He not only helped me lose 30 pounds by changing my diet and creating a great workout routine, he created an exciting lifestyle of health for me and my family. We’re all more healthy and happy as a result. John is very positive and encouraging during his fun workouts. He also carefully tailors his workouts for each client. In addition to years of experience in this field, he has a great education on health and fitness. He knows how the body works and can explain (in laymen’s terms) what you need to do to get results. If you do what John says, you will definitely be excited with what you see

Laura Laura December 24, 2009

I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to improve …

I have been training with John for over two years. He finds out what you want to do to improve yourself and sets a course for you to follow. He is very specific about every exercise that you perform making sure that you are doing it right. He is encouraging and oh so positive. It is a pleasure to know him. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to improve themselves and get in shape

Sue B Sue B January 7, 2010

am loving the compliments

I had been working out on my own for years but with the onset of middle age I was no longer getting the results I desired. I was feeling thick and needed professional help! John counseled me on nutrition and customized workouts for my personal goals. He helped me achieve that lean and toned look of my youth again. My arms look better now than when I was 35 and at 55, you know I am loving the compliments

Deb January 8, 2010

John is the best trainer ever!

John is the best trainer ever! I started going to John about 6 years ago. I had just had my first baby and felt extremely flabby and wanted to put on some muscle mass. I had gone to other trainers at other gyms but just had never gotten any results. John is the first trainer I went to that I immediately began to feel and see results! Since 2007, I’ve gone from 22% body fat down to 15.3%. He really knows his stuff and is extremely knowledgeable on the nutrition side. He taught me how to eat according to my activities as well as to help me attain the results I wanted. He is very thorough and creative with his workouts. He always has a great, positive attitude and I really enjoy working with him.‎

MG MG January 25, 2010

Total Body Works Personal Training

I have the pleasure of working with John at Total Body Works Personal Training… John is very detail oriented, and he really looks for your weakness(es). He found mine very quickly & got me into a strict nutrition regimen as well. You will see how passionate he is which keeps me very positive & motivated to meet or exceed my goals… Also, the facility is complete & very conveniently located… What more can I ask? Sincere Thanks

R R January 12, 2017

I trust John

I just completed ARP therapy with John. I am so excited because I haven't been able to run for over 20 years due to a running injury. I was evaluated by doctors and specialists over the years who offered no answers for me. I gave up on my dream of ever running again! After successfully completing ARP therapy, I am running again pain free!!!! As a nurse and healthcare professional for over 26 years, I trust John completely and would highly recommend him! He is knowledgeable, caring and professional.

Lorie Lorie CO November 14, 2017

Great workouts, amazing results…Lorie is awesome!

I've worked with Lorie for over two months now and have seen more definition and felt such improved strength that I am amazed! I've worked out consistently for many years, but wanted to up the intensity, Each workout is different and challenging. I love the variety and the encouragement she gives in every session! She helped me to create a routine of lifting and cardio that works for me and has proved very impactful to my body! I truly appreciate the time, effort, and flexibility she's put forth on my behalf! She's also so positive and fun! I would HIGHLY recommend Lorie if you wanna reach your goals!

Cayla Peterson Cayla Peterson CO December 5, 2017

Total Body Works Personal Training

John and Jenny Marshall and their staff are the ultimate in personal wellness. Dedicated in helping you meet your personal goals through diet, physical therapy and training. Become the you, you’ve always wanted to be. If you have the will, they have the way! 👍

Ty Haas October 17, 2018


It’s very good

Sebastian 96667 September 21, 2021


It’s very good

Sebastian 96667 September 21, 2021

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