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Why Should I Lift Weights?

All can benefit from weightlifting- not just athletes.

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Fast Legs or Power Development- Which is it?

Breaking the myths of athletic performance. There is a lot that goes into programing- call us today to make sure you are getting your best results.

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Fun Ways to Break a Fitness Blues Rut

One of the most common ways to stay active is to enjoy what you are doing and make it fun , exciting and challenging. Colorado residents have an easy time of it with all the outdoor activities right in their backyard, and other states have many fun resources as well, you just have to look […]

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Who wants a desk job?

Lets face it…Desk jobs are wrecking your health and working out in a gym incorrectly can trash your shoulders, back and neck. Every year we see droves of desk jockeys enter the gym environment, take a look around and sign on the dotted line…then show up a few days a week for a month, then […]

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What is a Personal Trainer? 

A personal trainer is someone who through a personal transformation or experience and education with an added passion to help others sets out to make a career of what they love. And they are also willing to sacrifice their own personal goals for others. (owners definition)


Today with our busy lifestyles, careers that have us set up to save the world, and the time commitments that come with that and not to mention family...Who has time to figure out health and fitness? That is where we as professionals come in to take care of all of that for you, and make things a system that can merge right into your current life. If you are looking for the tools to succeed, this is the day to make that choice that changes your life forever. Call us today for the keys to your new and improved life!
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