Here at Total Body Works Personal Training we are dedicated to excellence. When you need to be the best in your sport of choice, our Performance Based Training will take you to the top. We have a passion for sports-we are athletes ourselves…from the early ages of BMX racing to masters age track sprint cycling all the way to swimming dryland training as well as hockey and skating off-ice programs, we are determined to be the best.

  • When you absolutely need to be the best:
  • *Greater sport-specific strength, speed and power.
  • *Improve sport specific functional performance.
  • *Improve body composition.

*Greater race day or game day confidence.

At Total Body Works Performance Based Training, every athlete goes through a full functional movement screen. We do this before the start of any training program, and with this data we design a training program customized to the needs of that athletes specific sport. We then take it one step further by correcting specific muscular imbalances and weaknesses not only improving performance but also significantly lowering chance of injury. We also believe that the body needs the correct nutritional environment to perform at peak output, so we design a complete on and off season nutritional program for the individual athletes needs. The overall goal of any of our Performance Based Training programs is to educate our athletes to train safely and effectively. We promote living a life of excellence on or off the track, ice, field or gym, because great things are also created outside of sport !