Group Sessions in Colorado Springs

A Friendly & Competitive Support System

At Total Body Works, we believe in fostering a fun and competitive atmosphere. To help you get the most out of our group training classes, these sessions involve groups of minimum 4-6 people and are based on high intensity interval circuit training, which provides a full body workout by integrating various muscle groups. We provide 30-minute and 1 hour sessions. By participating in group sessions, you and your partners will be accountable to each other, pushing your limits together as a team. As experienced Colorado Springs personal trainers, we believe that group sessions should occur two to three times per week for maximum effectiveness.

Our Colorado Springs personal training service offers group sessions due to the following benefits:

  • Fun for you and your friends
  • A friendly and competitive environment
  • Effective circuit training to get you in shape
  • Full body workouts that exercise multiple muscle groups

At Total Body Works Personal Training, we offer comprehensive fitness services, to find out more please call (719) 339-0690 today!