Colorado Springs 30 Minute HIIT Fitness Group Classes

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-we incorporate resistance training emphasizing a high level of effort and relatively brief and intense compound movements. Although less time is required, it is more effective and can be more difficult because of increased energy expenditure. Training effectively with less time is very smart!

30 minute fitness group classes

Want to get fit, but don’t know where to start? Try our budget-friendly 30-minute blast sessions. Perfect for beginners and athletes alike, these sessions are personalized to your needs, and designed to help you get fit, fast! The small group sizes ensure that you will always receive the elite-level instruction that Total Body Works is famous for. Our experienced, friendly trainers will be right there with you for motivation, instruction, and education every step of the way.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned, or learn how to change your lifestyle, this program is perfect for you!

If you have a friend that wants to get fit too, bring them in and get fit together! And if you want to do partner or small group sessions, but don’t have someone to work out with, our trainers can help you find someone with similar goals with which to share the session.

There are numerous benefits to participating in our 30 minute sessions, which include:

  • Increased energy, flexibility, and self-confidence

  • Fast results within a minimal time frame

  • Increased fitness in a fun, encouraging environment

  • Integrating versatile movements to strengthen and condition your entire body

  • More time to manage your busy schedule, while still getting fit!

Our trainers recommend 2-3 sessions per week to see the best results. Call ahead to reserve yourself a spot!

If you want to stay in shape with our 30 minute HIIT, call us now at (719) 339-0690!